Join other SMEs and buy as a Team

one of the smartest thing any business owner can do to be more profitable

With our A.I. powered Demand Aggregation systems we can reduce what you are paying for much of your cost base.

We negotiate with the strength of numbers on almost anything and only with quality vetted suppliers, so you and the Team save $$.

I didnt realize I could save on office Coffee, Electricity or our IT support

Deepti Saraf

How Team Buying works in almost any Industry sector

Join or Start a Team
Join a Team and pay a small, fully refundable deposit for that Team. This gives confidence to others. (Normally $10-$50)
Share it with your network
We also share it to our Database and sometimes use Paid Ads to build Teams
Campaign ends and we start to negotiate
We negotiate with trusted Vendors to secure the best deal for the Team
A deal is struck and finalized
A great price is secured. You pay the balance and then deal directly with the Supplier for delivery
If we could guarantee that we could save you 10-30% of your business costs, would that be important to you?

Learn how to trim them easily in 2 minutes

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What business owners and managers are saying

David Dodd GM Sandown Air-conditioning

Have you ever tried to negotiate with a pesky Indian Electricity Salesman? Believe me I've tried. We joined a 150 strong Team on TBC and our Factory rates are back like they were 5 years ago. That seriously does impact the bottom line for us. Well done.

Joe Spicuzza Facilities Manager - Orion Entertainmen

At first I thought, could this be really that simple? The TBC platform truly has made this easy and possible for business owners to be empowered as a group and save. A real gamechanger and for our business margins. Just try it!

Deepti Saraf Practice Manager - Assure Health

Our multi-practice Medical Clinics have literally saved over $35,000 in the last 12 months by joining some Teams on TBC. Its easy, quick, and guaranteed. And no membership fees either. I recommend TBC to my business associates always.

Emily R. Founder, eLearn Academy

We chose this SaaS agency to develop our e-learning platform, and it was the best decision we made. Their expertise in ed-tech has transformed our online education offerings

David H. CFO, Financial Fusion Inc

Our financial analytics improved dramatically after implementing the SaaS solution by this agency. Their analytics suite has given us a competitive edge

Size of expected savings from 15-40%
Why choose TBC?

Unlocking Business potential in the cloud, one deal at a Time

Expertise in Procurement

Our Team's procurement and experience totals more than 180 years combined. From Data Scientists, Career Procurement Professionals to Business Owners and MBAs,

Expert team of negotiators

We have various strata of expert negotiators. From C-Suite professional services to a fast talking retail deal makers.And they love to win !

Comprehensive Supplier & Team support

We pride ourselves on fanatical support. In both business owner onboarding and also conversations with quality suppliers that would like to be considered.

At TBC, there is no set preferred list if suppliers. And we work across almost any industry and any business expense.

Some examples include:

  • IT/ Telco Services
  • Insurance / Legals / HR fees
  • Coffee or restaurant inputs
  • Factory production materials
  • Fleet servicing
  • Stationery
  • Travel / Corp Events
  • Private Jets? 🙂
Frequently asked questions

Here are some common question we have been asked

With our A.I modeling systems, we also help build your Team via not only our Database, but also our partners and smart Advertising Algorithms to find like minded buyers in real-time. What business owner doesn’t want to save if they could?

We have a Chrome Extension in development also that is truly a game changer.

Registering takes only a couplpe of minutes and then you can browse and join Teams immediately.


If you'd like to start your own Team for something more special, you can copy and paste basic details from the web in just another few minutes and submit it for approval.

Many factors obviously come into play such as: seasonal variations, supply/demand in a vertical, specialist versus generic, strength of your network, our Ad spend, and final Team numbers.


On average however, we aim to save every Team a further 10-30% off what they would normally be paying.

Sure. We'd love them too. As long as they are legally registered as a business and able to follow through with the final payment on an item, they are welcome.

Yes. Most Teams do have a small but fully refundable joining deposit. This removes tire kickers and strengthens every member's commitment.

It normally ranges from $10-$50. However, for major plant or capital buys, then it could be higher.

It's as simple as this.

If we can't get a Team a great deal, then all joining deposits are fully refunded within 48 hours after the Team building campaign period ends.

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