Yes you're busy - but spend 2 minutes now to potentially save $1000's.

A big THANKYOU to James Tuckerman for helping both TBC and SMEs loyal to the Mag.

So, its quite simple…
By combining your purchasing power with other businesses you can literally save a bundle.
You don’t have to belong to the Plumbers Union or have 10 offices. Join other SMEs in real-time and save. 


And its really that easy !

How it works

  • Join an existing Team or start your own
  • Pay the Team Deposit( normally around $50) which is 100% Fully refundable if a great deal cant be made
  • Share it with your network and we promote it too
  • Wait a few days, we do all the hard work and negotiation and we present the winning Deal

And our Fee is only 10-15% of ONLY the additional savings we make a Team. so if we get you $1000 off, we keep $100 and your Nett saving is still $900!