Category: General Team Buying FAQs

Any Deposits or Team/Group Joining Fees are held in trust until we attempt to negotiate the Team a fantastic deal. If we cant negotiate a fantastic deal then all funds are returned at the end of the Campaign Negotiation period.

We only take a small % of the savings when a Deal goes to completion. When a Team Manager registers themselves and then list a Product, our Admin Team discuss with the Team Manager an acceptable fee for our successful Negotiation services for that product or service. By default, this is 10% of the Savings, but can range between 5%-15%.

IMPORTANTLY any Team Joining Fees are returned 100 % if we can’t negotiate a fantastic deal. You are never out of pocket, and our fee only ever comes out of the Savings we make for the Team. So very simply, if we save 20 members of a group $100 on a Deal, our fee might be 10% or $10 for each member. So in the end, each member saves $90 ($100- our $10 fee) off that product, and our Total fee earned is $200. or 20 members x $10 each.

We think its a good deal for everyone as you are always safely ahead and never out of pocket in the end .

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